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Advanced Study Funds

Advanced Study Fund is a mid-term savings plan that allows salaried employees and self-employed individuals to accumulate capital savings for any purpose. Its most significant advantage is that after six (6) years, the accrued funds (deposited by the employer and the employee) are tax-exempt and liquid for withdrawal.

Many people are unaware that the tax exemption due after six (6) years is preserved even if no money was withdrawn from the fund. The accrued funds continue to yield returns and remain tax-exempt (except for the tax on capital gains) until they are withdrawn.

Therefore, the Advanced Study Fund can also serve as a retirement savings plan if no funds are withdrawn over the years.

Advantages of Advanced Study Funds

  • Mid-term capital savings.
  • Deposits and profits are exempt from tax, up to the ceiling set in the regulations.
  • Diverse investment avenues available for each member to choose from.

“Betach Toren” insurance agency markets Advanced Study Funds of Israel’s leading investment houses and pairs each client with a fund that considers current salary and personal preferences.


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