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Emergency centers

The emergency centers are open at your service at all hours

Car emergency centers

In the event of damage to the vehicle, you are entitled to contact one of the garages from the Insurance Company Agreement List (* in accordance with the terms of the purchased policy). If you choose to repair your vehicle in a garage that is not under the Company’s Agreement List, you must inform us beforehand. When repairing at a garage that is not in the agreement list, the payment for the cost of the parts shall be calculated by their cost at the insurance company according to its agreement with its suppliers. The aforementioned may lead to insurance benefits being reduced due to the difference in the cost of spare parts.

The identity of the provider is listed for you in the insurance policy, but if you cannot find it, you can call any of them, and by presenting an I.D. number, they will know how to direct you to the hotline of your insurance company:

  • SHAGRIR – road and towing services 03-5578888, 8888*
    Insurance companies: Clal, Hachsharat Hayishuv, Agricultural Insurance, Eliyahu, Shomera, Menorah
  • Blue – 6261*
    Clal company employees
  • Ways – 5205*
    Insurance company: Phoenix, Harel
  • MEMSI – 5202*
    Insurance company: Migdal, Hachshara
  • Shlomo Roadside Assistance – 6448*
    Insurance company: Shlomo Sixt
  • Call Ayalon – *6677
    Insurance company: Ayalon
  • Autoglass – Windshild Damage Services 03-6507777
  • Ilan Zagagoot – 03-6534444

Water damage in the apartment

You must contact the service provider according to the policy you hold. On the first page of the list, under the title: “Water damage insurance – repair through a service provider.” Only if the policy you have allows you to contact a private plumber, you can contact a private plumber, so that he can perform immediate emergency repairs. You must keep the receipt he will give you at the end of the work.

During our business hours, you must contact the claims department in order for them to handle the claim (sometimes also by sending an appraiser). The insurance claim must be submitted through us, including all references you have about emergency repairs you made while our offices were closed. Furthermore, take photos of the damage, to be presented as part of the insurance claim that will be submitted through us, of course. 

Travel Emergency Centers

Whenever you need, we are here for you

Phones are important in travel insurance

The phone numbers and important contact details of Clal insurance company:

For those staying abroad, a 24/7 medical assistance center

Phone: +97235789060


Service center Sun-Thurs: 08:00-16:00 

Phone: +97236388400


App: “Clal Insurance App”

Using the “Clal Insurance” App you can make an appointment with a doctor and the payment is made directly by the App after a conversation with the call center. 

Link to Clal’s website:

The phone numbers and important contact information of Phoenix Insurance Company:

For those staying abroad, the Phoenix hotline for urgent medical assistance 24/7

Phone : +972-3-7331177


Service center Sun-Thurs: 08:00-16:00, Fri: 08:00-12:00

Phone: +972-3-7338141



App: “Smart Travel”

Using the “Smart Travel” App, you can make an appointment with a doctor and the payment is made directly by the App

Link to the Phoenix website:

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