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Clinical Trial Insurance

No two clinical trial protocols are identical, and this explains why “Betach Toren” is committed to ensuring that every client’s needs are met via the offered insurance coverage.

“Betach Toren” offers flexible insurance products tailored to the needs of the BioMed industry, ranging from individual studies to multinational research programs.

We work closely with the client’s research manager to determine the exact coverage requirements in each case.

Thus, whether it is an individual trial or a complex, multi-centered research program, we offer custom insurance solutions for each client’s needs, such as:

Multinational solutions for clinical trials in medical preparations (Phases I to IV) and medical devices, including studies where local insurance coverage is statutory.

We offer diverse underwriting capabilities, regardless of the number of studies performed by each client, to “tailor” large insurance schemes to multinational clinical trials.

For the most part, a clinical trial program involving many participants and centers will consist of a combination of local policies according to state laws and a “master” policy serving as an overarching protective layer above local insurance policies. This can ensure that the client benefits from a uniform and consistent insurance plan that incorporates international coverage and terms.

Furthermore, the “master” insurance policy permits additional liability boundaries required for extensive studies in many research fields.

We also offer:

“No Fault Compensation” – absolute liability insurance policies that match the requirements of hospitals.

Local insurance policies drawn up in the language of the country where the trial is conducted and in accordance with local legal requirements.

An insurance policy provided on a stand-alone basis or as part of a global plan.

We acknowledge that time is of the essence in clinical trials. Hence, our service is designed to provide quick, professional, and efficient responses to our client’s requests for confirmations and coverage approvals.

If you are planning to conduct a clinical trial or are an RA or a CRO company and would like to receive more information regarding the legal and insurance requirements in different countries – including coverage for professional indemnity and medical product liability – please contact us.

With its proven abilities in this field, “Betach Toren” is committed to developing long-term relationships with its customers throughout the clinical trial phase and into the marketing and sales phases.


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