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Personal Financial Savings

Opening a Personal Financial Savings Policy with an insurance company is a multi-benefit solution for managing available income, compared to saving with a bank. The program allows maximum flexibility in depositing money for any purpose (a lump sum and/or monthly deposits) and withdrawing the funds at any time. Your savings are invested in different investment channels, according to your particular risk preferences, and can be modified at any time.

Personal savings plans are mainly intended for the long term, such as: Savings for children, higher education, etc.

With this in mind, personal savings are unlimited in time, allowing you to save at your own pace and to enjoy complete asset liquidity.

Personal Saving’s Benefits

  • Deposit at your own pace
  • Maximum liquidity – full or partial withdrawals
  • A broad array of investment tracks including switching between them at no further cost.
  • Payment of capital gains tax only upon realization.

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