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Car Insurance

Where car insurance is concerned, skill and experience are key to providing customers with the best available plan in today’s competitive market.

“Betach Toren” is a seasoned insurance agency, specializing in this field and covering tens of thousands of private vehicles, vehicle fleets and business cooperatives, such as:

“Betach Toren” collaborates with most of Israel’s insurance companies to pair the client with the broadest insurance coverage at the best available premium rate.

Vehicles are exposed daily to assorted vulnerabilities, such as accidents, theft, break-ins, and natural disasters. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the insurance to cover all possible risks.

There are three main types of car insurance:

Compulsory Automobile Insurance

Compulsory insurance is mandatory under Israeli law.

Compulsory insurance covers only bodily injuries incurred by the driver, the passengers inside the vehicle, and pedestrians due to use of a motor vehicle.

The aforementioned victims (or their heirs) shall be compensated for bodily harm (injury and death) as well as for any amount that they must pay due to death or bodily injury of any

person and which were caused to him or her due to use of the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Private Elementary Insurance

This is a standard insurance policy as stipulated by law. Whether the insured vehicle or another vehicle (by fault of the insured individual) incurred damage, the comprehensive insurance covers partial or complete accidental damage, such as:

Collision, rollover, theft, fire, and malicious injury.

Comprehensive insurance can be purchased for vehicles that are up to 10 years old, and sometimes even older.

What coverage does such policy offer?

What other coverage is recommended?

Third-Party Car Insurance

Damages to a vehicle/property of a third party may be costly. Third-party car insurance covers any property damage caused to a third party by the insured vehicle.

Third-party insurance can be purchased for vehicles of any age.

What coverage does such a policy offer?

The policy covers the insured up to the limited liability specified but no more than the amounts the insured party must pay for physical injury caused to the property of a third party.

What other coverage is recommended?

We specialize in tailoring the insurance plan to your needs and placing at your disposal our knowledge and experience accumulated over many years serving our customers.


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