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Claims Department

Handling claims is a critical factor in the relationship between an insurance agency and its client. How claims are handled is the most crucial part of the service that the agency provides its clientele.

Insurance companies tend to “harden positions” where paying for claims is concerned. Reasons for this vary: Regulation, internal audits, and constricted requirements by reinsurers. Therefore, the increased number of claims and their complexity requires us, as an insurance agency, to professionally support our clients and assist them in handling their claims against the insurance companies until they exhaust their rights as insured parties.

To this end, our agency operates various claims departments specializing in multiple areas, staffed by lawyers and experienced claims professionals who are deeply familiar with the terms of the policies, legislation, relevant rulings pertaining to various insurance policies, and applicable laws regarding insurance claims.

Our seasoned claims personnel are carefully selected, constituting our agency’s “flagship,” and stemming from our understanding that a client’s claim is an opportunity for the agency to prove its commitment to providing uncompromising service.

When contacting our claims department, it is recommended to have the following documents at hand: 

Car Insurance claims – claim form, vehicle license, driver’s license and in the case of personal injuries, a police report must be attached.

Home Insurance claims – a claim form.

Property and liability claims – a written notice of the damages, as soon as possible.

Life Insurance and Health Insurance claims – a claim form, medical and other documents, depending on the type of claim, a photocopy of a blank check, and a photocopy of an I.D. card or death certificate, depending on the type of claim. 

In lawsuits – a statement of claim and the date it was received, as soon as possible. ​

Life Insurance Claims

Here you can find information regarding the correct and most efficient way to file a claim under a Life Insurance, Health Insurance or LTC Insurance policy.

Business Claims

Here you will find information about our Business, Property, and Liability Claims Department and various other services it provides, such as insurance claims counseling.

Elementary Insurance Claims

Here you can find information about the services provided by our Elementary Claims Department, which handles home and car insurance claims.​​​​

International Travel Insurance Claims

These instructions list the most prevalent events in which documents must be produced when filing a claim


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