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Property Insurance

Types of property insurance policies

There are 2 types of property insurance policies:

A policy based on defined risks.

This type of policy insures only the listed risks. Therefore, no insurance coverage is granted when a non-listed threat has materialized.

The burden of proof that the damage is indeed covered, lies with the insured party.

The insured party must prove:

That the risk is included in the list of risks within the policy and has not been excluded

That the damage was unexpected

The extent of the damage

A policy based on all risks.

This type of policy insures all risks to the property, with the exception specifically listed in the policy.

The burden of proof that the risk is not insured, lies with the insurer.

The scope of insurance in property policies

In property insurance, the insured is entitled to compensation for damages caused to them and expenses incurred to mitigate the damage after the insurance event.

How Property Insurance is Constructed

Structure insurance.

Contents insurance:

Furniture, equipment, and fixtures

Machinery and stationary equipment

Inventory – raw materials in work process and finished stock.


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