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Management Insurance

All salaried employees may purchase Management Insurance for themselves. Management Insurance Policy is also available for self-employed individuals (“Remunerations for the Self-employed”).

What do the “Management Insurance” and “Remunerations for the Self-employed” policies include?

Pension savings plan – deposit of a certain rate from your monthly salary. In a Management Insurance policy for salaried employees, part of the monthly premium – intended for the purchase of insurance and savings – is deposited by the employee into the compensation component. The other part is deposited by the employer for the compensation and severance pay. 

In the “Remunerations for the Self-employed” – the entire deposit is paid by the self-employed insured individual.

 Upon retirement, the savings accumulated in the policy shall be paid to the insured, who is either a salaried employee or self-employed, as a monthly allowance.

Life Insurance (optional) – coverage in the event of the insured individual’s death.

Loss of Working Capacity Insurance (optional) – coverage for loss of working capacity due to an accident or illness.

Tax benefits – in the executive insurance program there is a right to credit and tax deduction on deposits of employees and self-employed persons.

Insurance Management fees – collected by the insurer from the monthly deposits and annual accumulation.

Benefits of Management Insurance

A contract (policy) between the insured and the insurance company.

Maximum flexibility in choosing the insurance coverage amounts in case of death, and loss of working capacity, in accordance with the needs of the insured.

Flexibility in choosing investment avenues.

Flexibility in choosing beneficiaries.

“Betach Toren” insurance agency markets Management Insurance plans from Israel’s leading insurance companies, and tailors each plan to the insured individual according to their salary, insurance needs and future plans.​


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