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Goods in Transit Insurance

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Goods in Transit Insurance

Insurance policy for goods transported as part of the operation of the insured business.

When drafting the insurance policy, the “Betach Toren” team of underwriters will check the following data for you:

Additional extensions

It is important to remember that vehicle protections in Comprehensive Insurance do not necessarily match the vehicle protections required in this insurance.

The insurance is suitable for:

Businesses that use different transport services

Professional carriers

One-time transports

Scope of coverage in Goods in Transit Insurance.

Basic Goods in Transit Insurance Policy covers:

Fire, explosion and lightning.



Additional coverages can be added, such as: Robbery, burglary, and more.

The insured amount will be the maximum value of the cargo transported by the vehicle, and, in most insurance policies, that amount is based on first damage and is not subject to underinsurance.


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