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Business Claims

The business claims department appoints lawyers and claim settlement officers experienced in handling and settling claims for the insured.

In the event of property damage, processing the claim will begin immediately upon receipt of the insured’s report of the damage event. We will immediately report to the insurance company, who will appoint an appraiser experienced in similar damages or other experts as needed.

Upon discovery of the damage, you must immediately submit a report to that effect.

The staff of the claims department will accompany you and the appointed appraiser until the report is completed and the payment is transferred, subject to the terms of the policy, until the claim is disposed of to your complete satisfaction.

If a lawsuit was filed against you, please forward it to us as soon as possible and indicate the date of receipt so we can inform the insurance company, who will, in turn, and subject to the terms of the policy, appoint a lawyer to represent you in that lawsuit.

Additional services provided to our business clients:​

  • Personal counseling and handling of complex claims – in claims where the insurance company has rejected the insurance coverage or where problems arise regarding the insurance coverage, we will provide counseling on how to correctly conduct yourself vis-a-vis the insurance company and all parties involved in the claim, in full collaboration with your insurance consultants and attorneys.
  • Settlement of claims below the deductible amount – for large clients and subject to signing a specific service agreement, we will settle such claims directly with the claimants, according to the policy terms. Handling the claims and settlement thereof by our firm permits you greater control over the scope of claims and amounts paid.
  • Support and guidance on how to correctly handle insurance events – we hold training sessions/courses in factories and with large organizations, endeavoring to prevent or significantly reduce the scope of claims. Here are some examples of relevant topics: 
  •  Identification of insurance events and the considerations for sending a notification about them to the insurance company
  •  Negotiating with claimants and potential claimants
  •  Liaising with various investigators and experts sent by insurance companies.
  •  Reducing the number of claims by appropriate risk management

For more information or to report an event, accident, or claim, you may contact directly:

Attorney Tali Pinchasov, at:

Or Attorney Dana Avidan, at:

For the settlement of ‘Shufersal’ claims, please contact Meital Cohen, at:


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