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International Travel Insurance Claims

International Travel Insurance Claims Important information for filing a claim in case of an insurance event abroad: Dear insured, These instructions list the most prevalent events in which documents must be produced when filing a claim. We would like to draw your attention to these documents while staying abroad. You can fill out the claim […]

Elementary Insurance Claims

Elementary Insurance Claims Our Car and Home Insurance Claims Department has a large team, experienced in handling these types of claims: Handling Car Insurance Claims: Upon receipt of notification of an accident at our office, the claims settlement team will notify you of the receipt of the claim, its number, and courses of action available […]

Business Claims

Business Claims The business claims department appoints lawyers and claim settlement officers experienced in handling and settling claims for the insured. In the event of property damage, processing the claim will begin immediately upon receipt of the insured’s report of the damage event. We will immediately report to the insurance company, who will appoint an […]

Life Insurance Claims

Life Insurance Claims Upon receipt of notice of your intent to submit a claim for a Life/Health Insurance policy, we will guide you through the necessary documentation the insurance company or pension fund will require, particularly medical documents, and review your coverage under the specific policy. Going forward, we will handle the claim vis-a-vis the […]

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