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Goods in Transit Insurance

Goods in Transit Insurance Insurance policy for goods transported as part of the operation of the insured business. When drafting the insurance policy, the “Betach Toren” team of underwriters will check the following data for you: Type of cargo transported. The economic value of the cargo The number of vehicles carrying the load Protective measures […]

Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance Engineering Insurance The variety of existing engineering insurance policies and their complexity require consultation with experts in these domains. Engineering Insurance Sectors: Mechanical Failure Loss of profits due to a mechanical failure Spoilage of goods due to mechanical failure Contract Works Construction Works Electronic Equipment Mechanical Engineering Equipment Equipment intended for engineering insurance. […]

Property Insurance

Property Insurance Types of property insurance policies There are 2 types of property insurance policies: A policy based on defined risks. This type of policy insures only the listed risks. Therefore, no insurance coverage is granted when a non-listed threat has materialized. The burden of proof that the damage is indeed covered, lies with the […]

Insurance for funds stored in a safety deposit box and during transfer

Insurance for funds stored in a safety deposit box and during transfer Insurance for funds stored in a safety deposit box and during transfer. Financial insurance offers to indemnify the insured for damage to the business’s financials while stored in the safe or during transit. Possible coverage: Insurance of money in the safe Insurance of […]

Extended Fire Insurance

Extended Fire Insurance The policy originally provided basic coverage for fire damage caused by lightning and fire, hence the name “Fire Insurance Policy”. Today, the policy has been greatly extended, hence its current name: “Extended Fire Insurance”. It is based on defined risks that are explicitly stated in the policy. The additional risks in the […]

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