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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance Cyber risks are very real and are here to stay. News of sophisticated cyber attacks against countries, private and public organizations, networks, national infrastructures, among other cases, are published daily. The results of these attacks can be devastating to business continuity, leading to loss of income, damage to reputation, legal expenses, and even […]

Clinical Trial Insurance

Clinical Trial Insurance No two clinical trial protocols are identical, and this explains why “Betach Toren” is committed to ensuring that every client’s needs are met via the offered insurance coverage. “Betach Toren” offers flexible insurance products tailored to the needs of the BioMed industry, ranging from individual studies to multinational research programs. We work […]

Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in lawsuits against directors and officers, which may result in extremely high legal fees and the award of substantial compensation to the claimants. Since the Companies Law was changed, in 1991, “Betach Toren” has become a leading agency in this area. The purpose […]

Combined Professional Indemnity and Product Liability Policy

Combined Professional Indemnity and Product Liability Policy In a software company, it is sometimes difficult, even impossible, to accurately distinguish between the product and its design. For example, in the case of computer system failure, it is difficult to diagnose whether the event was caused by poor design of software components or by integration of […]

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